OSI is actively pursuing acquisitions of Custom Packaging, Contract Packaging, and Retail Display Companies.


  • Family or Private Equity Owned
  • Strong Customer Relationships
  • Focus on Custom Projects

Led by our CEO John Kellogg, the Corporate Development team at OSI consists of the company’s top executives and advisors. Their focus is to identify strategic acquisition opportunities that enhance our current product offering and extend our distribution reach while maintaining best-in-class customer service. OSI’s priority is to embrace businesses with aligned partners who can expect to benefit from its existing platform, products, leadership, liquidity, and brand.  Our previous acquisitions successfully achieved a broader sales footprint with more cross-selling opportunities while employees experienced career advancement within a thriving creative company. As a family owned business, we pride ourselves on our culture and look forward to discussing the possibility of welcoming yours.


When considering the future of your business, it is important to pair your legacy with an aligned company. Our acquisition model offers a unique and ideal proposition if you care deeply about preserving your culture and supporting your employees. Unlike private equity buyers that favor short term cost-savings, our long-term value perspective is rooted in investing to power the growth of your business with the full support of our team of experienced operators. We will be directly involved in ensuring your unique identity and legacy are preserved as we look for ways of expanding on your original vision.

Legacy We prefer to invest in your employees, relationships, and brand to leverage and directly support the next stage of your company’s growth.
Integration We built a professional corporate development department that includes independent advisors and members of our senior leadership team to support your integration.
Funding We take pride in being owned by a dedicated family that has supported the company’s vision both operationally and financially for decades.
Structure We customize deal terms with a flexible approach that reflects the nuances of the seller’s individual needs including earnout structures that allow for incremental upside.
Goals We take a prudent long-term value approach to growth with a responsible and systematic approach to investing our financial capital.
Team We are operators who have all spent our careers developing customer experiences serving companies of all sizes.



















A track record of investing to support your next stage of growth




We are directly involved in preserving your legacy



Closed multiple transactions and operational integrations since 2019



Dedicated corporate development team supports every step of your journey

Our Most Recent Acquisitions: Taking Market Leaders to the Next Level.

San Diego Based Mobile Canning Service Provider

Acquired June 2022

With a big CAN-do attitude, the company serves customers in California, Arizona and Nevada. They recognize the value of packaging beverages in cans and the need to enable craft brewers and beverage manufacturers access to affordable canning solutions. The mission is to provide the South West craft beer community with the highest quality packaging solution and to be the trusted packaging partner for breweries large and small with services backed by the training, support, and logistics provided by the leaders in the mobile canning industry.

The owners were ready to move on to the next stage of their lives and wanted only to remain involved for a short transitionary period. By accelerating the integration process, OSI allowed the sellers to transition quickly. OSI worked closely with them to ensure that their roles were replaced quickly, and we actually ran ahead of schedule, taking over the day-to-day operations sooner than originally anticipated. OSI allowed them to monetize what they had built without the need for a long-term commitment to working in the business.

Costa Mesa Based Custom Packaging Supplier

Acquired July 2022

Founded in 1997, the company has maintained a focus on providing successful packaging programs, design, fulfillment and logistics to its clients. Their manufacturing expertise helps customers manage projects from concept initiation to completion with the ability to integrate thermoform trays, custom foam inserts and box board directly into highly functional and appealing packaging.  It’s expertise and technology allow them to bring forth materials, structures, and graphic concepts that are visually appealing while satisfying customer requirements in a unique way.

OSI supported the management team and ownership even before the closing of the acquisition to sustain its customer relationships and branding as the owner entered retirement. Further, OSI also made strategic investments into the working capital of the business to allow the seller to retire and the remainder of the team to assume leadership roles while sustaining its brand and growth opportunities.

Anaheim Based Custom & Contract Packaging Supplier

Acquired December 2021

Established 30 years ago, the family-run business inspires great design through its culture of helping launch and establish growing brands with expertise in branding, tailored production, and logistical services. The Company designs and engineers packaging solutions including structural and graphic design, pallet pattern, point of purchase displays, counter displays, pallet displays, and folding cartons.

The owner was seeking to maintain the company’s long-standing customer relationships while allowing OSI to support their brand through our dedicated senior leadership team and operational expertise. By focusing on customer relationships and sales development, the company continued its growth seamlessly throughout the transition period. The seller was passionate about continuing his involvement in the business where he continues to work in a sales capacity.

San Diego Based Custom Packaging Supplier

Acquired December 2021

The company has been designing unique packaging solutions since 1997 with a vision to be the best packaging distribution company by always supporting its customers the old-fashioned way. Their motto is “do what we say we’re going to do and never promise more than we can deliver.” As a custom packaging supplier, the company serves various customers in the food & beverage, wine, manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare, telecommunications, and technology industries, among others.

The business was seeking to expand on its legacy of success and growth, and appreciated the support of our management, infrastructure, financial systems, and technology. The owners were ready for retirement and appreciated the confidence OSI provided them in maintaining their brand and elevating their employees without requiring their presence or involvement after the sale.

Illinois Based POP Display Company

Acquired January 2020

OSI acquired the company given its shared passion for customer service, creativity, quality and innovation. In combining the two entities customers enjoy an even greater level of expertise and a wider range of service offerings. Their focus is to improve their client’s brands through engaging consumers creatively at the point of sale.

OSI continued to grow the company which was originally established as a strong and successful family-owned business. When the founding father was ready to retire, he appreciated OSI’s commitment to allowing his family to continue to grow the business through its next stage. In fact, one of the founder’s family members who remained in the business is now a meaningful member of OSI’s senior leadership team.

“Truly a great partner in helping us complete our transaction.”

New York Based POP Display Company

Acquired January 2019

Since 1959, The company has been recognized as one of the leading full-service designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art point-of-purchase programs. The company has amassed more than 150 awards for merchandising design and marketing, been named “One of the Top 500 Store Fixture Manufacturers” by Display and Design Ideas Magazine and recognized consistently as one of the Top 50 P-O-P Companies by Creative Magazine.

The business was a legacy company with a well-known brand, deep customer relationships with Fortune 500 companies, and over 30 years in the industry. After reaching a bottleneck with limited manufacturing capacity, OSI acquired the business and restructured operations allowing the business to continue supporting its customer base with an improved supply chain.

“Throughout the process we were provided with a great deal of reassurance by the OSI team’s steady demeanor.”


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