Understanding the Needs of our Clients

At OSI, we understand the needs of our clients; therefore we have strategically located facilities in greater Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis areas, as well as New York, Seattle, and Hong Kong. Additionally, we employ a scalable workforce and have an extensive network of key partners to assure all projects are carefully and successfully executed. Because of our concerted commitment to always offering best-in-class quality and customer service, we are a trusted resource for leading companies around the world!


OSI offers a full range of packaging, display and assembly services to meet the unique demands of every client. Our services include blister packagingcarton assembly & fulfillmentclamshell productiondisplay assembly, kitting, hand assembly, shrink wrapping, picking & packing, and distribution.

We understand there isn’t one formula for fitting all client needs, thus we work individually with our customers to architect programs assuring cost efficiency and adherence to deadlines.


In order to assure that our clients’ products are secure during the assembly process, OSI utilizes state of-the-art technologies at each of our facilities including secured entry & exit, 24 hour surveillance, and digital cameras. Our clients can be rest assured their property will be secure at all times.

Assembly & Packaging