GAMESTOP - Case Study

How do we measure Success?

The Challenge

We needed to develop a point-of-sale display that simultaneously merchandised two different gaming brands while maximizing ROI. The Activision Skylanders side supported display boxes with live pegged products and the THQ uDraw side displayed boxes with game cases. A total of 4,000 displays were needed for GameStop stores in time for the 2011 holiday gift-buying season.

The Solution

In order to meet the client’s goals, we engineered the display structure to optimize shipping costs by determining the exact weight and size dimensions needed to ship the display without being categorized as an “oversized shipment.”

We then built and assembled the display to meet these specifications. Since the display was sent fully assembled, store associates could simply unpack it and add the merchandise based on a planogram that showed where the products belonged. This enabled convenient in-store set-up during the busy holiday season. Because these displays shipped to 4,000 locations across the U.S., central distribution was key when it came to keeping shipping costs low. All of the displays were manufactured and assembled in the Midwest for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Gamestop display stand
Gamestop display stand

The Results

OSI effectively combined two gaming brands into one display, adding value to GameStop, Skylanders and uDraw by capturing consumer sales at the height of the holiday buying season.

With our extensive experience in the gaming industry and in-store retail requirements, we developed a solution that went above and beyond our customer’s needs. The simple and appealing GameStop display combined all the necessary point-of-sale elements with extraordinary ease of retail execution, which exceeded expectations.


  • Displays were built with shipping dimensions and weight in mind to minimize shipment costs
  • Fully assembled displays required minimal set-up from store associates during the busy holiday season
  • Sourcing, assembly, and shipping took place from a central location in order to meet customer deadlines and minimize shipping costs
  • OSI coordinated every step of the process providing creative, technical, project management and sales expertise focused on reducing the total landed cost of the display

“Ready straight from the box and it looked fantastic. Our partners in the stores loved the THQ uDraw and Activision Skylander display. Everything we wanted and more!”

– The GameStop Retail Team