Company Store Programs

Our online stores are fully integrated e-commerce sites that put you in complete control of your branded merchandise programs. By directing all product purchasing through our Web site, we ensure quality control and cost containment. One Source Industries seamlessly executes online merchandising programs with its skilled staff and relies on the most current tools and resources available to our industry to build a user-friendly online environment.

Our proven technology in storefront development includes:

  • Site Administration
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Business System Integration
  • Storefront Scalability
  • Secure Processing
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reporting Features
  • Advanced Search Engine Features

Company Store Benefits

Generate sales

Having a dedicated company store program will allow employees, dealers, franchisees, agents, consumers, etc to purchase branded merchandise more easily. The more people see your logo, the more apt they will be to purchase your products or services.

Create a profit center

OSIP works with your team to develop a rebate program based on company store sales. This rebate goes directly back to you creating a no cost profit center for your department.

Increase brand awareness

The availability of a company store will simply get more of your branded merchandise into the marketplace. The more product that is out there, the more recognizable your brand will be.

Centralize purchasing

A dedicated company store creates a one stop shopping opportunity for all of your branded merchandising needs. Orders can be placed and paid for through various means including purchase order, credit card, Net terms, etc.

Reduce costs

Having a centralized source for all of your branded merchandise creates allows us to leverage costs over a larger sample by generating more volume, thus producing higher quantities. This creates economies which we pass on to our customers.

Control logo usage

Without a store, purchases will be made through multiple, if not many different, suppliers. More than likely they will not understand the requirements of your brand. By partnering with OSIP for your company store program, you are partnering with a company that understands the importance of your logo.

Control messaging

Consistent branding and messaging is essential for any company. OSIP will work with your team and even with your advertising agency to bring the right merchandise consistent with your market messaging.

Creates Peace of Mind

As one of the nation’s premier providers for company stores and branded merchandise programs we deliver quality products that we stand behind at a competitive price. Experience. Integrity. Innovation. Communication. Teamwork. Leadership. These are the values we will bring to your company store program and our partnership.

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Company Online Store program
Company Online Store program