Consistency is everything!

A national brand must be certain that its in-store displays mirror each other from East to West Coast or Cross Continents. They must also be organized and compliant. Our installation specialists are dedicated to bringing our clients’ visions to life, while assuring consistency that translates to sales.

OSI’s team of retail experts will deliver:

  • In-Store Execution Teams
  • Assembly Services
  • Audits with speedy customized feedback
  • Continuity Coverage
  • Rapid Response Programs
  • Inventory
  • Kiosk Installation and Maintenance
  • Point of Purchase and Signage Development and Placement
  • Real-time documentation with digital photos
  • Remote Area Coverage
  • Resets
  • Technical support hotline



Fully dedicated to the installation component of your company’s targeted marketing campaign, our clients’ displays are installed correctly & support visuals flawlessly displayed – no compromises! Additionally, we offer global coverage, timely installation, full documentation and digital photos (where applicable) to meet their every need. We live to make our customers stand out!

Point of Purchase and Signage Development and Placemen
Technical support hotline

One Source Industries Introduces: Display Optimization

OSI provides an exciting new service that assures the design parameter of a display will yield maximum results. Ever wonder if your point of purchase is as effective as possible? We can tell you before it’s even built!

  • Working with the client we identify six key areas of the display (Shape, Color, Size, Etc.)
  • Our design team creates six variations of these areas.
  • By using a proprietary algorithm, we test the resulting forty plus thousand variations with a live panel resulting in the top three choices the consumer prefers.
  • The result is a 65% improvement in display preference.

One Source carefully LISTENS and MEASURES to get it right the first time. Through quantitative testing, we measure the success of our displays and offer real data to help our customers succeed. Four criteria are used to determine the effectiveness of our displays:

  1. Shelf appeal
  2. Helpfulness in product selection
  3. Ease of product information
  4. Usage Experience
Display Optimization