John Kellogg

President and Chief Executive Officer

John Kellogg is an aggressive and enthusiastic executive with over 30 years of experience in the display, packaging and printing industries.  He has an extensive background in executive management, strategic planning, marketing/branding and private equity. 

His managerial courage has allowed him to aggressively grow top and bottom line performance during both the best and worst economic periods.  His charismatic leadership style balances the need for straight forward candor with relationship management and compromise. 

John has a unique talent for finding, hiring and retaining top talent at every level of the organization.  He has held positions in small, medium and large organizations including the Fortune 500.  He has also managed the full life cycle of a company from founding through executing a successful sale. 

John has built strong cultures within the organizations that he has owned and managed, and has turned those cultures into consistently impressive business results.