See the Unseen

Packaging is the most unseen and at the same time most valuable aspect of on shelf marketing. Consumers gain knowledge of what’s “inside the box” at the point of purchase. OSI figures out the complex equation behind choosing the right packaging application for your project. Whether a printed folding carton, blister card or club store package, we have you covered. From design, to manufacturing, to supply chain management, we deliver the best and most profitable solution.




The folding carton created the packaging industry as it is known today, beginning in the late 19th century. Basically, a folding carton is made of paperboard, and is cut, folded, laminated and printed for transport to manufacturers. The cartons are shipped flat to a manufacturer, which has its own machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container for a product. The classic example of such a carton is a cereal box. Ask your OSI representative to explain all the options available.


A hard, non-collapsible box, also known as a set-up box. Set-up boxes are considered a high-end product in packaging. They are one of the strongest, yet elegant styles of packaging available today. Popular examples of these boxes are cosmetic and fragrance boxes. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper that is wrapped on a set-up box. Your options are truly endless.


At OSI, we’ll customize virtually every aspect of your club store packaging and offer you end-to-end support. Together, we’ll develop designs and prototypes that enhance your product and brand. We’ll ensure that your packaging meets ISTA 3J Club Store Distribution requirements. We project manage the thermoform design and manufacturing, as well as heat and RF sealing.


OSI manufactures custom clamshell packaging in the US and in Asia. All elements from package design to delivery are managed by our US offices, regardless of location. Making great quality thermoformed packaging at a competitive price has always been our idea of how product packaging should work. Clamshells can be made in a variety of materials with the most common being PVC, PET, and PETG.

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