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Whether it’s a branded environment, permanent, temporary or interactive display, OSI will tailor a solution that best fits your need.


We make brands stand out with our complete & innovative packaging capabilities! We help our clients reduce costs while increasing speed to market.



Extend your brand and drive results through creativity, compelling solutions, & consistent messaging.  Our experience & vision will set your brand apart.


Displays, Packaging, and Branded Merchandise increase sales and brand awareness. OSI delivers all plus adds specialty products to enhance marketing programs and aid in moving product off shelves.

OSI Creative – Building Brands, Growing Business


Our in-house creative and production team will work closely with you to create a high-impact design that will help you gain the competitive edge needed to surpass your rivals. To this end, our list of comprehensive services include:

Branded environments

These displays provide shoppers with the opportunity to touch and learn about your brand.

Permanent displays

Using creative design, thorough research, and budget conscious engineering, our experts will create a unique and effective permanent display and fixture for your specific retail location.

Interactive displays

When incorporated into your POS system, these displays will boost customer engagement and your revenue.

Temporary displays

Perfect for use at retail stores where your brand is popular, these affordable displays will easily capture and keep the attention of your audience.


Great packaging is what helps your brand stand out amidst a sea of other similar products. But, getting this component right isn’t always easy. This is where we come in – we have over 30 years of experience in this field and we know what works. Whether you are interested in folding cartons or blister packaging, we can help you find an affordable, innovative, and comprehensive solution that will elevate your brand and leave your competitors reeling.

Branded Merchandise

Today’s competitive business market requires a creative approach and busy entrepreneurs don’t always have the time needed to do this right. But, with our help, this is no longer a problem. We have been in business for over 30 years and our time-tested, creative, and compelling solutions can help you reach your business goals. From innovative catalogs to innovative merchandising systems to comprehensive order processing and fulfillment services, we will do the hard work for you. In this way, you have the time needed to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Retail Solutions

Innovative packaging, display, and branded merchandise solutions have been proven to increase brand awareness and sales. To help you in this respect, our retail solutions department seamlessly integrates traditional POP displays and consumer goods packaging with custom products to boost revenue and get your products off the shelves. We also offer specialty product marketing programs, these comprehensive solutions will give you the added boost you need to raise your brand above the rest of the pack.


Since 1984 OSI has been a world leader in providing customized, award winning, supply chain managed solutions for displays, packaging, and promotional products through effective communication, dedication, and teamwork.


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