CLIENT: MyFitKey Custom Mailer/Packaging

CATEGORY: Custom Packaging & Fulfillment – Health & Fitness/Medical


Principal Health Systems was launching a new DNA testing kit for athletes to help train smarter, improve performance, and reduce recovery time and injuries. The program integrates information you provide (including DNA swab) to get a complete picture of your current health and fitness level.  They needed help developing a kit to hold all testing components and information brochures that could also be used as a mailer itself to send the testing back to the lab.

OSI designed and produced a custom rigid mailing tube that was used as the primary packaging and also could be used in direct mail. The mailing tube featured specific instructions on an inner portion of the tube and contained all kit components.  OSI produced all custom mailing tubes and some of the components, and fulfilled them direct to consumers through an integrated order processing system with the client.

The custom packaging was a success in terms of its design and elevating the brand and function in serving as a direct mail piece.  It was also designed to be able to be merchandised in temporary and permanent counter displays.