Sonos was looking for a store within a store environment that accurately represented an in-home experience.  The stores within stores would be installed at a variety of audio/visual retail stores throughout the country.  Each one would be custom in size, shape, available space, location in-store, etc.  The Sonos wireless entertainment centers needed to provide the consumer with a real-life, in-home experience and allow them to interact with various pieces of equipment and drive the purchasing decision.

OSI designed many store-in-store experiences that envelope the consumer in the Sonos brand.  These branded environments enable the consumer to experience and understand the ease of the Sonos as a system of HiFi and wireless speakers and audio.  Everything from the speaker stands to the carpet to furniture to paint and lighting was provided by OSI as well as all installations.  This specific environment was installed at a regional AVS store in San Antonio, TX, and is designed to convey the message “the music you love, the way you always wanted it.”

Sonos loved how their brand name and recognition improved with these high end shops while their retail partners loved the improvement these environments made in their stores.  Units sold have increased substantially across the board.  OSI was contracted to design more shops and installations throughout the country.