Why Calendars?

Calendars take your message further!  Would you like to take everything you wanted to tell a customer about your company, product, or service and have it on your customer’s wall or desk 365 days per year?  How many corporate brochures have been filed away never to be looked at again?  Or worse, thrown immediately in the trash?  A calendar can provide the exact same marketing messages and images, have an amazingly low cost per impression, AND will be looked at many times over.

On average a calendar is looked at

  • 12 times per day
  • 84 times per week
  • 365 days per year
  • An amazing 4380 times

Now that’s a lasting impression!

Calendar Benefits

Adding calendars to your marketing mix creates a brand awareness given by no other media tool.

  • Visual appeal for your brand
  • Create virtually any size, shape, design
  • Command wall/desk space
  • Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars
  • Controlled, targeted distribution
  • Will be used
  • Cost effective
  • High perceived value
  • Design to fit your brand
  • High frequency/year long visibility